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Cat Tarot
Lynn Kott, Megan
Bliss, and other stories
Mansfield, Katherine
The Waves
Woolf, Virginia
English fairy tales
Steel, Flora Annie
Well-Read Women
Hahn, Samantha
The power
Alderman, Naomi
Women in science
Ignotofsky, Rachel
I'd rather be reading
De la Mare, Guinevere
Gay, Roxane
Girl to girl
O'Leary, Sara
Pages for her
Brownrigg, Sylvia
Red Clocks
Zumas, Leni
Bosom buddies
Zhang, Violet
The Girl Guide
Ibrahim, Marawa
My name is girl
Cosford, Nina
F is for feminism
Suzuki, Carolyn
The farm
Ramos, Joanne
We should all be feminists
Ngozi Adichie, Chimamanda
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